Mission & Vision

FABEC Mission Statement
Our common air navigation services are to provide airspace users in a seamless European airspace with the highest level of safety, thus generate significant added value while the utmost effort is made to reduce the impact on the environment.

FABEC Vision 2018
The six States regulate and supervise a seamless FABEC airspace and ATM service provision "as one". ANSPs act and operate "as one".

Institutional cooperation(s) between ANSPs are in place which best meet the requirements to achieve the FABEC performance targets.

FABEC operations are based on a FABEC operational concept, one safety management system and one charging regime. Cooperative civil-military air traffic services are provided, including a common design and joint management of airspace.

FABEC is coordinated with adjacent FABs, fits into the European route network and effectively supports the implementation of the Single European Sky.

The FABEC initiative is supported by the social partners, airspace users and other stakeholders.