Social Dialogue

The early involvement of staff representatives is a key contributor to the success of FABEC. A structured Social Dialogue process which will facilitate social acceptance of FABEC project results with social impact is an important prerequisite for a successful FABEC implementation. The Social Dialogue process provides an opportunity for Staff Representatives to share their views with FABEC Management at CEO as well as Subject Matter Expert level.

In addition to the activities at FABEC level each ANSP conducts further work with Staff Representatives as part of their regular (national) ANSP Social Dialogue process.

FABEC Management faces Staff Representatives with significantly different positions, political goals and diverging concepts for the future of FABEC. The two main concepts have been worked out by the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) and the MOSAIC ATM Regional Coordination (MARC). Whilst the ETF advocates for a cooperation of 7 independent ANSPs (Co-op-model), MARC lobbies for the gradual implementation of a Single Service Provider (MOSAIC concept).

Upcoming Event

7 November 2016
Tripartite workshop with the States