Media Releases


    Direct routings offered by ATCOs save 352 million euro for airspace users (10 April)

    Flexible agreements improve over 100,000 flight profiles every year

    (15 March)

    ANSPs take a further step towards cross-border cooperation

    (22 February)

    FABEC ANSPs control all-time high – Aviation remains safe and punctual
    (13 February)

    MET Alliance conducts FABEC study about the impact of adverse weather conditions on ATM
    (16 January)


    FABEC States adopt common Airspace Policy
    (15 December)

    FABEC ATCO Basic Training Course certified
    (13 December)

    FABEC and Baltic FAB intensify cooperation
    (9 December)

    Contingency solutions for Charleroi and Liège airports
    (29 November)

    FABEC ANSPs honoured for excellence in safety
    (8 November)

    ANSPs signed agreement on data exchange
    (23 September)

    Summer thunderstorms have a strong impact on air traffic - New procedures help alleviate the problem
    (5 September)

    Special circumstances affect air traffic
    (29 August)

    FABEC and SW FAB intensify operational cooperation
    (18 July)

    Successful live trial improves Paris – Munich city pair
    (12 July)

    New data exchange to facilitate inter-FAB free route
    (4 July)

    Performance 2015 – Service quality remains at high level
    (29 June)

    Second XMAN implementation to optimise arrivals to Munich Airport

    (28 April)

    Vertical Flight Efficiency Improvements for 30 City Pairs
    (21 March)

    The FAIR STREAM Project honoured (9 March)

    Sustained traffic growth accompanied by twofold development of punctuality
    (23 February)


    DCT options expands across several FABs
    (10 December)

    Second Inter FAB Coordination Workshop (21 October)

    FABEC Free Route network improves European connectivity (19 October)

    Six States improve common air traffic management (8 October)

    Slight increase in traffic – bad weather conditions and lack of ATC capacity influenced service quality (1 September)

    ANSPs enhancing cross-border cooperation (22 June)

    Robust operational performance – Service quality improved sustainably
    (16 June)

    First cross-border auditing (9 June)

    411 direct routings implemented (24 February)

    Performance 2014: Overall increase of controlled flights – Punctuality settles down – Significant local differences (11 February)

    Cross-border air traffic control trial cuts Heathrow holding times
    (12 January)


    Functional Airspace Blocks: added value with different Approach

    (21 November)

    EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) and the French Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) reach agreement on air traffic controller Training (29 September)

    Performance first half 2014 (4 September)

    FABEC Performance Plan 2015-2019 (7 July)

    Report “2013 – Delivering Performance” (18 June)


    Three thoughts on the future of SES
    (13 September)

    Performance first half 2013
    (19 August)

    First FABEC ATCO Basic Training Course starts soon (26 July)

    ANSPs present first joint Performance Report
    (21 May)

    IP data exchange network between centres
    (15 May)

    Airspace user demand continues to ebb significantly (8 May)

    FABEC Treaty - Ratification process finalized (7 May)

    Network Manager and FABEC - Closer cooperation (6 May)

    Real-time simulations of cross-border airspace design (11 March)

    Performance 2012 - Punctuality further improved (8 February)


    FAIR STREAM (10 December)

    Air traffic has been punctual (27 November)

    FABEC Olympics Cell start-up at MUAC (16 July)

    ANSPs facilitate air traffic flow management for flights
    (31 May)

    Constructive dialogue on the establishment
    (11 May)

    New Arrival Management Message Implemented (1 February)


    Free route airspace gains ground (15 December)

    States are establishing formal structures (26 October)

    Traffic increase is slowing down (27 September)

    FABEC to deliver first common VCS (1 June)

    Project West - real-time simulation looks at new routes (18 April)

    Air Ground Data Link: FABEC ANSPs signed contract (8 March)

    EU grants €13.8 million to FAB Europe Central (8 March)

    NSA - Six States sign agreement (31 January)


    Six States go forward (2 December)

    Shorter night routes in Europe (10 November)

    Cooperation agreement on basic training (9 June)

    Volcanic contamination (22 April)

    New Dutch-German airspace structure (11 March)

    First step in establishing FABEC (9 July)


    Study on a common control centre (20 November)


    FABEC enters a new phase (22 July)


    FABEC reports good progress (11 December)

    Six States and seven ANSPs join forces (16 February)