InterFAB cooperation

The cooperation between the nine functional airspaces in Europe form the core of InterFAB Cooperation. Based on the requirements set out in SES legislation and in line with recommendations made by the EU FAB Study, the FABEC Member States took the initiative and organised the first InterFAB Workshop in 2014 in Amsterdam. Based on the success of this workshop, the Terms of Reference were adopted at the follow-up event in Bucharest in 2015, which was chaired by the DANUBE FAB and set the baseline for the future success of the initiative. In the meantime, further initiatives have been established in the areas of operations and communications.

InterFAB is the first platform that brings together all FAB stakeholders under one roof. The platform provides an opportunity for wide-ranging cooperation and coordination, allowing FABs to align common goals, share experiences and collectively form a strong and cohesive voice in Europe.