The operational collaboration between air navigation service providers has been growing in importance since the inception of FABs. New concepts such as the implementation of free-route airspace or cross-border arrival management in combination with changing requirements deriving from erratic traffic growth combined with several effects at the network level require cooperative solutions from all partners. Based on this conviction, FABEC organised the first workshop at the operational level in 2016. In October 2017, FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) will conduct the next such workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

InterFAB Workshop Operations, May 2016, Frankfurt/Langen, Germany

The goal of the first InterFAB Workshop Operations was to promote the exchange between those who are responsible for operations at the various FABs and ANSPs using concrete examples and issues but without the constraints of a formal framework. Representatives from all FABs discussed current developments and challenges for the coming years on the basis of nine best practice examples and different presentations.

The two-day workshop was divided into four sessions:

1. Free route airspace

2. Crossing borders

3. Changing flows

4. Opportunities for and limitations to creating benefits

The media release can be found here.

Upcoming events

Operations Workshop organised by FAB CE
Ljubljana, 17/18 October 2017