Member States

In 2015, the Member States set the formal terms for the foundation of the InterFAB Coordination Platform, which serves as the basis for the close cooperation between the nine FABs. This platform provides an open framework for representatives of ministries of defence, ministries of transport, national supervisory authorities and air navigation service providers of all nine FABs to cooperate. The fixed Point-of-Contact Group organises the collaboration and ensures the exchange.

Two workshops have taken place since the foundation. FABEC gave the first impetus by organising the InterFAB Workshop in November 2015 in Amsterdam. The second InterFAB Coordination Workshop hosted by DANUBE FAB took place in Bucharest, Romania in October 2015.  In October 2017, BlueMed will organise the next workshop to be held in Malta.

Upcoming events

  • 4th InterFAB Communications Workshop – January 2019
  • 3rd InterFAB Performance Workshop – 30 and 31 January 2019
  • FABEC OPS Theatre, World ATM Congress – 12-14 March 2019 in Madrid                                   
  • Academic Workshop on Fragmentation in Air Traffic and its Impact on ATM Performance – 14 and 15 May 2019 in Budapest
  • 4th InterFAB PoC (or States) Workshop renamed InterFAB Coordination Workshop - autumn 2019 - FABEC (Switzerland)
  • 5th InterFAB Communications Workshop – October 2019
  • 4th InterFAB Performance Workshop in autumn/winter 2019