One voice

Close cooperation in FABEC at the level of the Member States, the national supervisory authorities and the air navigation service providers (ANSP) is the basis that has allowed for a continuous optimisation of service quality. At the same time, it also enables close cooperation across Europe, where FABEC actively contributes its know-how and expertise to develop the Single European Sky.

This close cooperation takes place at three levels: 

  • Nominated FABEC representatives speak on behalf of all Member States, formally expressing a common position at the Network Management Board and the SESAR Consultation Platform. This common representation is possible due to the formal governance of both of these committees.
  • For numerous other committees, such as the Single Sky Committee, the Performance Review Commission and Eurocontrol working groups, representatives coordinate their individual positions at an earlier point in time when this is sensible. 
  • Furthermore, FABEC has formal and informal contacts with various stakeholders such as the Network Manager, airspace users and social partners.