FABEC ANSPs are strongly involved in SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research Programme) – both in development activities conducted by SESAR Joint Undertaking and the deployment of SESAR deliverables steered by the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM). To avoid duplication of work FABEC is focussing on SESAR deployment and ensures coordination and positioning of FABEC ANSPs.

Within the SESAR deployment context FABEC speaks with one voice in the Steering Group of the Stakeholder Consultation Platform (SCP) established by SDM. This body ensures a proper consultation on deployment projects, the revision of pilot common projects and the definition of new common projects.

In addition, FABEC experts are contributing strongly in SESAR Thematic Sub Groups which are charge of detailed analysis of specific issues. Task forces are set up for the domains TMA/En-Route, G/G and A/G Communication, Airport Throughput, Planning/Monitoring/Risks, Standards/Regulation, Performance/CBA; DLS and iSWIM.

SESAR Joint Undertaking

SESAR Deployment Manager