Common Customer Survey

In 2012, FABEC ANSPs decided to develop and conduct a FABEC Common Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to gain more insight into customer views and needs. The first survey was conducted in 2012/3, followed by a second one in 2015/6 and a third one in 2018/2019. The surveys focused on the key performance areas safety, punctuality/capacity, environment/flight efficiency, cost efficiency as well as communication. The methodology included a quantitative part with a web-based questionnaire and qualitative part with interviews. 

In response to the results of the surveys, common action plans were approved for use at the FABEC level. Individual reports were forwarded to the individual ANSPs so that appropriate action could also be taken at the local level. In addition, FABEC discussed the results with the Airspace Operator Group (AOG). Some ANSPs stopped conducting their own customer surveys to save costs as well as to present one face to the customer. Next FABEC Customer Satisfaction Survey is foreseen for 2022.