Robusto: Sectorless ATM (S-ATM) Karlsruhe (Phase I)

Led by DFS (2021)

This initiative aims at the implementation of sectorless air traffic control Phase I.

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Karlsruhe

Project description

With S-ATM Level 1 (Robusto), the first stage of sectorless air traffic management will be implemented at Karlsruhe UAC in the airspace at and above FL 375. S-ATM represents a paradigm shift: from the spatial responsibility of air traffic controllers to aircraft-centred responsibility.
The actual implementation will largely be achieved by adapting or changing current procedures and processes. Changes to the existing system technology and the wide-area communication infrastructure should be kept to a minimum, if possible.
Implementation of S-ATM Robusto:
• S-ATM Robusto will be implemented in two steps.
? Step I: Implementation of S-ATM in sector family East (OST-EBG, a minimum of two working positions) at and above FL 385. Implementation will be completed by the end of 2020 at the latest.
? Step II: Implementation of S-ATM in the airspace of Karlsruhe UAC (a minimum of six working positions) at and above FL 375. Implementation will be completed by the end of 2024 at the latest.
• Adaptation and implementation of new working procedures for air traffic controllers, as few changes as possible to the technical infrastructure.
• Increased productivity of air traffic controllers because aircraft remain in one sector for a longer time and their workload is more balanced.
• Development of a fallback and recovery strategy
• Adjustment of authorisation structures
• More flexible deployment of personnel due to uniform authorisation
The development of a fallback and recovery strategy is also important.
It will be necessary to make changes to iCAS (new DFS ATM-System) Robusto Step I. Reciprocal effects with the iCAS II project are to be examined until the preparation of project application (PA) 2 for Robusto Step I and II.
As part of the implementation of S-ATM Robusto, the voice communication system must be upgrated to ISIS-XM/G5 by October 2020.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Start of operation Step I12/202012/2020DFS
Start of operation Step II06/202412/2024DFS