Led by MUAC (2016 - 2019)

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Brussels, Maastricht

Project description

SAS2 is based on a proven Virtual Centre Concept developed and deployed by MUAC for RNLAF at AOCS Nieuw-Milligen. It develops and deploys a Shared ATC System 2 (SAS2) for Belgian Defence to provide OAT services.
The implementation will be similar to SAS with the RNLAF: remote CWPs will be installed at Belgocontrol ACC and at the Belgian Defence ATC Towers and will be connected through a dedicated Virtual Private Network to the PRI-ATS system in the ONL and TTI partitions at MUAC. SAS2 will be equipped with a Fallback System limited to the MUAC Fallback CWP. A set of locally independent CWPs can be used in case of unavailability of the primary ATS.
The project has been granted INEA funding.

Implementation Steps

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