TWR System at Amsterdam Schiphol

Led by LVNL (2018 - 2020)

In this project LVNL organizes the replacement of the current tower system.

Sites involved


Project description

An important rationale for the replacement of the tower system is upgrading the technology, increasing the options to introduce innovations and lowering costs by using a commercial product for which costs can be shared. The innovations that are required by the Pilot Common Project are an important driver, but Schiphol specific needs will also be addressed. Due to the recent traffic growth at Schiphol innovations in the tower system are more important than ever.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
iCAS interface01/201811/2019LVNL
Message broker infrastructure01/201811/2020LVNL
DMAN sequencer04/201811/2020LVNL
A-SMGCS 1 & 2tbdtbdLVNL
Automated Assistance to Controller for Surface Movement Planning and RoutingtbdtbdLVNL