CDO Belgian Airports

Led by Belgocontrol (2017 - 2018)

Continuous Descent Operations (CDO) at Belgian Airports Charleroi and Liege

Sites involved

TMA : EBBR, Non PCP Belgocontrol

Project description

The implementation of continuous descent approach techniques is a goal in the 'European Single Sky ImPlementation' Plan (ESSIP). Since June 2014, CDO on EBBR has been published and is operational on the PRS runways. The implementation of CDO at the regional airports of Brussels-South (EBCI) and Li├Ęge (EBLG) is scheduled for 2017-2018.
Continuous Descent Operations are known to reduce emissions, fuel use and noise and thus benefits airspace users, people living in the airport surroundings and the environment.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Implementation at EBCIQ4 2017Q1 2018Belgocontrol
Implementation at EBLGQ4 2017Q1 2018Belgocontrol