Division of south-west sector

Led by LVNL (2017 - 2018)

The south-west sector of the Dutch FIR named sector 3, is one of the busiest sectors for Amsterdam ACC. The traffic in this sector goes to/from the sectors of Belgocontrol and to MUAC.

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Amsterdam
Others: Schiphol TWR

Project description

The complexity of the traffic in south-west sector is high due to East-West traffic that crosses the Schiphol in- and outbound streams. The traffic for and from Brussels, Rotterdam and Eindhoven that also uses this sector makes it even more complex. Together with the explosive growth in traffic volumes for all these airports this leads to overloads and restrictions on this sector. In a stepwise approach sector 3 will be enlarged, traffic streams rerouted in collaboration with Belgocontrol and MUAC, and finally the division of sector 3 will be implemented to create in- en outbound sector, similar to the way in which western sector 2 is already dividable.

Implementation Steps

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