Drones in the ATM system

Led by LVNL (2017 - 2018)

Drones (RPAS) are considered as VFR traffic in the Dutch FIR. LVNL is looking for possibilities to allow them not only outside CTRs but also inside.

Sites involved


Project description

The aim of this project is the integration of RPAS In CTR’s. LVNL completed trials and implemented the RPAS in outer ring of CTR’s (>5600 m from ARP) in regulations in 2017. For EHAM the same is expected in 2018.
At the moment LVNL is looking at the integration of RPAS in inner ring of CTR’s (<5600 m from ARP). The drones will be controlled as VFR flights: flight plan, two way radio communication. Here for new procedures, communication and surveillance solutions need to be found. The trials and implementation are planned in july 2018 for EHGG, EHBK, EHRD.
Further LVNL works on integration of RPAS in aerodrome operations (aerodrome vicinity). Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) trial demonstrations (for tracking / surveillance and communication) are planned in FEB/MAR 2018. RPAS operations on aerodrome perimeter integrated (below 45 meter height) is expected in Q3/4 2018.

Implementation Steps

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