Led by Belgocontrol (2014 - 2018)

FABEC AIM initiatives, in particular Creation of a consistent FABEC ATM Data Set

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Brussels, Bremen, Karlsruhe, Langen, Munich, Bordeaux, Brest, Marseille, Paris, Reims, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Geneva, Zurich

Project description

The FABEC AIM Task Force envisages to
1 Determine present data inconsistencies and recommend or implement, respectively, corrections and mitigation;
2 Establish a harmonized (common) FABEC ATM Data Set available from the EAD (EAIMS) as the agreed common source for aeronautical information and provide sound proof that no inconsistencies exist. Deliverables are in detail:
- Catalogue of the aeronautical information subject to harmonization inside the FABEC area.
- List of relevant aeronautical information presently not published in National AIP and recommendations for the handling/harmonization of such information.
- List of differences between the National AIPs, ENR-2 and NR-3, and where required, recommendations for harmonization/alignment.
- List of (present) data inconsistencies and recommended or implemented, respectively, corrections/mitigation.
- Harmonized (common) FABEC ATM Data Set available from the EAD (EAIMS) and thorough proof that no inconsistencies exist.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Draft bi- or multilateral formal agreements regarding the responsibility for the maintenance of commonly published data, satisfying ADQ requirements.02/2017Belgocontrol
Determine data (publication) inconsistencies and implement the required mitigation.04/2017Belgocontrol
Demonstrate the existence of a harmonised (common) FABEC ATM Data Set in the EAD.04/2017Belgocontrol
Building on requirements defined in ERNIP Part 1 and using detailed guidance material from other sources (e.g. AI OPS), support the implementation of MUAC FRA (07 DEC 2017) w.r.t. to the AIM context (publication etc.).12/2017Belgocontrol
Determine elements of static aeronautical information that are required for ATM but missing in the present EAD (e.g. DCT routes as published in RAD Appendix 4); identify quick wins, provide corresponding recommendations and implement agreed mitigation where applicable.10/2018Belgocontrol
Verify whether or not the elements found through AIM G-1 are covered in the EAIMS Data Catalogue and initiate mitigation where required.12/2018Belgocontrol