Led by LVNL (2017 - 2018)

Since the early days of aviation, much attention has been paid to safety. As the industry progressed in the reduction of risk, regulation formalized best practices and pushed the application of standards further. Since 2013 Annex 19 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) provides a generic design for a safety management system which is applicable to all aviation organizations. At present, the majority of the organizations in the Dutch aviation sector have or are working towards an ICAO/EASA prescribed safety management system.

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Amsterdam
Others: Schipol TWR

Project description

To improve safety even further the organizations in the Dutch aviation sector, present at Schiphol, have decided to formalize this cooperation using standardised and common ways of working. An integral Safety Management System (ISMS) is seen as a valuable tool for this purpose. With this formalization the participating organizations also implement an important recommendation from the Dutch researchboard for safety (in dutch: onderzoeksraad voor de veiligheid, OVV) form their report on flight safety at Schiphol.

Implementation Steps

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