Just Culture

Led by LVNL (2015 - 2018)

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Amsterdam

Project description

One key to the successful implementation of safety regulation is to attain a “just culture” reporting environment within aviation organisations, regulators and investigation authorities. This effective reporting culture depends on how those organisations handle blame and punishment.
Only a very small proportion of human actions that are unsafe are deliberate (e.g. criminal activity, substance abuse, use of controlled substances, reckless noncompliance, sabotage, etc.) and as such deserve sanctions of appropriate severity. A blanket amnesty on all unsafe acts would lack credibility in the eyes of employees and could be seen to oppose natural justice. A “no-blame” culture per se is therefore neither feasible nor desirable.
What is needed is a “just culture”, an atmosphere of trust in which people are encouraged, even rewarded, for providing essential safety-related information - but in which they are also clear about where the line must be drawn between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.
How to actually achieve that is not a trivial task. In support for this, LVNL will implement an ‘Event Review Team’ for internally advising line managers about the interpretation of human actions / behaviour, to support a consistent Just Culture throughout the organisation.

Implementation Steps

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