MUAC OAT Service Provision

Led by MUAC (2015 - 2017)

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Maastricht

Project description

The MUAC OAT Service Provision project will implement OAT services in the Hannover UIR and Amsterdam FIR. Staff from DFS Lippe will be integrated into MUAC.
The project is the fusion of the previous NLUM (Military ATS Provision in AMS FIR) and ILRM (Integration of Lippe Radar at MUAC) projects with revised timelines.
• Legal framework for OAT provisions at MUAC;
• Integration of all DFS/Lippe staff: 01-01-2017;
• OAT service provision in the Hannover UIR : 02-02-2017
• OAT service provision in the Amsterdam FIR above flight level 245: 28-04-2017

Implementation Steps

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