Led by MUAC (2016 - 2017)

Advanced ATFCM/ASM Planning Function

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Maastricht

Project description

Based on the closed cluster detection study, this MUAC initiative aims to identify and mitigate traffic capacity issues on a 10-30 minute planning horizon through the introduction of a new Advanced ATFCM/ASM Planning Function (concept of operations, process and role) and the necessary system support.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Concept development and validation06/201610/2016MUAC
AAPF Ops Trial in DECO sector group05/201710/2017MUAC
Concept refinement and operational / technical developments11/201703/2018MUAC
AAPF Ops Trial in BRUS, DECO and HANN sector groups 04/201806/2018MUAC
Coordination with the enhanced Central Supervisor Suite07/201812/2018MUAC