SESAR Optimized Decent Profiles (ODP)

Led by DFS (2014 - 2016)

SESAR Large Scale Demonstration Optimized Decent Profiles (ODP)

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Brussels, Bremen, Karlsruhe, Langen, Munich, Reims, Maastricht, Geneva, Zurich

Project description

The Optimised Descent Profiles (ODP) project aims for closing the “efficiency gap” between Direct/Free Route Airspace and the TMA, i.e. efficiency degradations during the descent phase. In detail the project partners are aiming for benefits in the Key Performance Areas Efficiency and – being strongly linked to that – Environmental Sustainability. Effects on Capacity shall be carefully studied. It must be ensured that Safety is not jeopardized by project’s activities.
The operational objectives of the ODP Large Scale Demonstration are
- To demonstrate the potential to reduce the frequency of Early Descents in high-density airspace by offering new routing options for Cross-Border Descent Approaches which shall provide an improved balance between Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability on one side and Capacity on the other, and
- To assess the performance gains achieved by these implementations.
The identification of new descent / arrival routings options between CFL and e.g. the Initial Approach Fix shall be achieved by:
- Identifying break-even points, i.e. the trade-off between horizontal and vertical flight efficiency,
- De-skewing complex traffic flows in order to allow for more flexible LoAs between ATC sectors and units, and
- Reassessing and if applicable vertical reordering of crossing points of arrival and departures streams taking into account recent studies which favour CDO, instead of CCO.
The ODP demonstration shall be undertaken with arrival flows of the following aerodromes focused: Berlin-Tegel (EDDT), Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (LFSB), Frankfurt/Main (EDDF), Geneva (LSGG), Munich (EDDM), Strasbourg (LFST), Stuttgart (EDDS), Vienna (LOWW), Zurich (LSZH)
In order to find solutions for Cross-Border Descent Operations starting from (ideally) Cruising Level, ODP involves ACCs acting in the Upper Airspace and in the Lower Airspace which serve arrival flows to aforementioned aerodromes: Bremen ACC (DFS), Karlsruhe UAC (DFS), Langen ACC (DFS), Maastricht UAC (EUROCONTROL), Munich ACC (DFS), Reims ACC (DSNA), Vienna ACC,ACG),Zurich ACC (skyguide)
Link with FABEC
On the basis of preceding Free Route activities in Upper Airspace (e.g. FRAK, FRAM, FRAMaK, FABEC FRA, FABCE) on the one side and local, to a greater extent TMA-related initiatives fostering Continuous Descent Operations (CDO, e.g. CDO trials Munich, CDO Strasbourg) on the other, the ODP project is referring to both concept elements and is aiming for improvements in overall flight efficiency by means of optimised and seamless connections between Upper Airspace and
ODP has common fields of work with OFA 03.01.03 “Free Routing”. Here a close connection is given to SESAR WPs 4 and 7.
Also two flows of the former FABEC FOCS project have been identified, which will be exercised under the ODP umbrella in order to gain quick VFE results.
Existing cross-border AMAN applications (Munich ACC / Vienna ACC for Munich airport) and the foreseen XMAN implementation for Frankfurt airport (Langen ACC / Maastricht UAC) will be taken into account in order to study the applicability of these systems in Continuous Descent Operations, derive respective requirements and enhance the system-supported coordination between UACs, ACCs and TMA control. This topic is also linked to WP 5 and OFA 04.01.02 of the SESAR Programme.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
CDO publication for ARR EDDT (Berlin-Tegel)DFS
CDO publication for ELMOX-DKB flow for EDDM (Munich ARR) DFS
Trials for EMPAX flow for EDDF (Frankfurt) already realized and a second trial is foreseen in AUG 2015. The CDO trial starts at FL360 at EMPAX with-in Karlsruhe UAC airspace and descends continuously through a defined funnel to be at PSA at FL100 with the handover to Frankfurt APPDFS
Trial for city pair LFPG-EDDF to raise from FL220 to FL290DFS
Trial for city pair EHAM-LFST to raise from FL230 to FL290/310 DFS
Trial for ARR LSZH (Zurich) extension the ToD for 10NM after LAMGO between EDUU and EDGGDFS