Schipol AMAN

Led by LVNL (2017 - 2020)

A user friendly arrival manager is deployed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which supports controllers to optimize traffic flows to Schiphol airport

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Amsterdam

Project description

The first step is a replacement of the current system by a modern AMAN that can be further developed to generate benefits. The new AMAN will be operational in Q2 2018. LVNL expects that the extra training ATCOs will receive by the introduction of the new system will slightly improve operation even without new functionalities.
The second step, to start in 2018, aims at improving meteorological information for trajectory prediction, speed advisories and Flexible TP. It will be executed in cooperation between LVNL and DFS. The deployment will improve sequence stability by extending the AMAN horizon in the future.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Amsterdam Schiphol AMAN 1.001/201406/2018LVNL
Amsterdam Schiphol AMAN 2.001/201812/2020LVNL