Workload model for Amsterdam Area

Led by LVNL (2016 - 2021)

Development and implementation of Workload Model (WLM) for Amsterdam Area Control, Approach Control operations and Tower operation

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Amsterdam
Others: Schipol TWR

Project description

Amsterdam Area Control (ACC)
In March 2015 LVNL implemented the Workload model (WLM) for ACC operations. This tool uses ETFMS Flight Data (EFD) and in house developed complexity/workload indicators to predict controller workload for Amsterdam ACC. ACC supervisors can use this controller workload information to improve operational decision making regarding staffing and sector management; e.g. activate or de-activate ACC sectors. Workload information can also benefit capacity management. With the availability of workload information ACC supervisors and Flow Management Position Controller (FMPC) can further optimize regulations.
WLM also enables the future use of Short Term ATFC Measures (STAM) and advanced flexible use of airspace (FUA). Development of a near real time simulation feature in the workload model is the next step for LVNL in the development of the WLM for ACC. This development will assist the ACC supervisor and FMPC to assess the impact of a regulation or STAM on traffic flows and airspace before taking it into actual affect.
Schiphol Approach (APP)
It is expected that controller workload can also be used in a Terminal Maneuvering Area (TMA). Managing controller workload can optimize runway throughput. Therefore a workload support tool for APP supervisors for assessing controller workload in daily operations will be developed and implemented.
As a first step the distribution of traffic inbound Schiphol via the three initial approach fixes will be presented to the APP supervisor. The APP supervisor can use this information to activate or de-activate (the second) landing runway(s). This development is called TDP, the Traffic Distribution Page and was introduced in spring 2016.
A second development will be the integration of the TDP with CDM. With outbound planning information available outbound traffic flows at Schiphol Airport can be presented with better predictability. The combination of both inbound and outbound traffic flows in TDP give the APP supervisor better understanding of the upcoming traffic and therefore better support in decision-making.
Schiphol Tower (TWR)
It is expected that controller workload can also be used for TWR operations, specifically the complex and demanding Ground Operations (GND) at Schiphol Airport. Managing controller workload can optimize runway, taxiway and apron
As a first step the previous mentioned Traffic Distribution Page (TDP) will also be introduced for TWR operations. With TDP (including CDM information) TWR supervisor can have a better understanding of the upcoming traffic and therefore better support in decision-making.
In a future development complexity/workload indicators can be developed for TWR operations. This will provide even better information to the APP supervisors in decision making , staffing options and further optimize demand and capacity to optimize runway throughput.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Implementation ACC01/201612/0209LVNL
Implementation APP01/201612/2020LVNL
Implementation TWR01/201612/2021LVNL