XMAN (Cross-centre arrival management)

Led by DFS (2012 - 2023)

The XMAN (Cross-centre arrival management) project is a multi-stakeholder project, conducted by FABEC and FAB UK/IRL (Belgocontrol, DFS, DSNA, MUAC, LVNL, NATS and skyguide) to ensure a harmonized and coordinated implementation of Extended Arrival Management Operations in accordance with PCP Implementing Rule 716/2014 and the Deployment Programme 2015 (DP2015) of the SESAR Deployment Manager.

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Brussels, Bremen, Karlsruhe, Langen, Munich, Bordeaux, Brest, Marseille, Paris, Reims, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Geneva, Zurich
Others: London Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted

Project description

The overall objective of the XMAN/AMAN Project is to develop, to validate and to implement cross centre and cross border arrival management procedures and techniques which enable an optimised traffic flow into the major airports within and close to the FABEC airspace and which generate a considerable improvement in various performance categories such as environment (CO2 and fuel-burn reduction), safety (reduction in stack holding) and capacity (reduction in traffic bunching/workload).
Started in 2012, it focused initially on the optimization of traffic flow inbound the five major hubs London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Munich. After publication of PCP IR 716/2014, the scope has been expanded to cover all PCP-related airports in the European Core Area (Area of Responsibility of the contributing ANSPs).
A common operational concept (CONOPS) and a standardised set of system requirements have been developed to produce harmonized procedures for concrete implementations down to system level and operations level.
As described in the PCP IR and DP2015 (family 1.1.2.), the XMAN project aims for the extension of the planning horizon of arrival management systems (AMAN) from the local TMA into the airspace of adjacent en-route control centers up to about 200 NM including economical Top of Descent (ToD) around the PCP-airports – or even beyond – depending on the operational environment and the needs of the stakeholders.
The XMAN project foresees a stepwise implementation, where the first (Basic) Step encompasses the upgrade of currently available systems and technologies in order to establish Extended Arrival management, e.g. through exchange of arrival management information via OLDI (AMA message) or SWIM-ready web services (XML format)). Arrival traffic flows into the major hubs in the FABEC and UK/IRL area are optimized by extending the planning horizon of supporting AMAN tools up to 200 NM, involving - in consequence - various adjacent ATC units.
Airspace design is not affected by the XMAN project. Input data for the AMAN systems are FPL data (via IFPS), surveillance data (via RADNET - where available) and/or EFD data (via ETFMS).
The final objective of the FABEC XMAN Project is to provide XMAN implementations for the airports Paris (CDG, ORY), Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, London (LHR, LGW, STN), Zurich, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Nice, Manchester and Dublin
The implementation of extended arrival management at PCP-related airports outside the FABEC and FAB UK/IRL area might require the provision of the necessary functionalities at individual FABEC ACCs. It is expected that these implementation initiatives will be initiated by the respective external partner and that content and timing will be bilaterally agreed.
These are XMAN Copenhagen (connection with Maastricht, Karlsruhe, Bremen), XMAN Vienna (connection with Karlsruhe, Munich), XMAN Milan (connection with Karlruhe, Munich, Geneva, Zurich, Reims, Marseille, Paris), XMAN Rome (connection with Marseille), XMAN Palma de Mallorca (connection with Marseille) and XMAN Barcelona (connection with Marseille and Bordeaux).

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Frankfurt connection to Maastricht, Karlsruhe, Munich, Bremen, Brussels and Reims (Web Services)already started02/2019DFS
Munich connection to Vienna, Karlsruhe, Zurich, Langen, Prague and Paduaalready started03/2019DFS
Berlin connection to Munich, Karlsruhe, Maastricht, Prague, Warsaw, Malmö and Copenhagen07/201807/2022DFS
Düsseldorf connection to Maastricht, Karlsruhe, Bremen, Brussels and Amsterdam12/201810/2021DFS
Paris CDG and Orly connection to PariscompletedcompletedDSNA
Nice connection to Marseille and Milantbd12/2020DSNA
Amsterdam Schipol connection to Maastricht, London and Brusselsalready started12/2021LVNL
Amsterdam Schipol connection to Reims, Karlsruhe and Copenhagen (XMAN Portal)tbdtbdLVNL
London Heathrow connection to Maastricht, Shannon, Reims, Prestwick, Brest and Bordeauxalready started12/2017NATS
London Heathrow connection to Karlsruhe and Copenhagen (XMAN Portal)tbdtbdNATS
London Gatwick connection to Reims, Brest, Prestwick, Maastricht and Shannontbd12/2020NATS
London Gatwick connection to Karlsruhe, Bordeaux and Copenhagen (XMAN Portal)tbdtbdNATS
London Stansted connection to Maastricht, Brest, Prestwick, Reims and Shannontbd12/2021NATS
London Stansted connection to Karlsruhe, Copenhagen and Bordeaux (XMAN Portal)tbdtbdNATS