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Advanced Runway Safety Improvement (ARSI)

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Project description

The ARSI project aims at changing the working methods and procedures to systemically trace controller actions to record the clearances and instructions to get knowledge of the controller's intentions. Moreover this requires a more and deeper coupled e-strip and A-SMGCS systems as it is the case today in order to improve the situational awareness within the TWR and APRON rooms as well as to provide alerts/warnings in case of safety critical / contradictory ATC clearances. A special focus has to be paid to the crossing runways in terms of take-offs and landings in their different configurations.
This new capability to alert of potentially critical situations is to be realized through the integration between the existing skyguide TWR A-SMGCS (SAMAX), TWR/APP e-strip and coordination tool (TRACE), FZAG airport e-strip and DMAN (DARTS) and SMAN (to come).
This should contribute to a first step towards the complete integration of the automation support tools provided by the ANSP for TWR control and those managing the airport situation.

Implementation Steps

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