ADQ – Aeronautical Data Quality

Led by DFS (2014 - 2017)

Project description

With the EU No. 73/2010 the European Commission has set obligatory specifications for dealing with aeronautical data and aeronautical information in Europe. Without obligation for AIXM5.1, there is only one economic way for realizing the specifications defined in Chapter II article 4 (Data Set) and article 5 (Data Exchange). It is the intensive use of AIXM5.1. In consultation with the responsible authorities, therefore national aeronautical data suppliers and the DFS migrate their relevant IT systems to AIXM5.1. The Project ADQ is the focal point for all technical issues
EU No. 73/2010 and establishing AIXM5.1-ability.
With completion of the project ADQ, the DFS will be able:
- receiving in conformity with EU No. 73/2010 aeronautical data in AIXM5.1 format,
- exchange data between internally databases in AIXM5.1 format and also
- providing external entities with aeronautical data in the AIXM5.1 format.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Start of operation12/2017DFS