ATM Portal

Led by MUAC (2016 - 2019)

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Maastricht

Project description

The ATM Portal project (ATMP) intends to deliver an infrastructure for de-centralized sharing of information and for enhanced collaboration with external stakeholders (ANSPs, Airlines…). Four initial use cases are currently planned:
1. Access to NM B2B services - using Publish/Subscribe mechanism where suitable/available - through public internet and PENS
2. Provide Flight Plan trajectories to other ATFCM/ASM systems as well as to external partners (e.g. NATS).
3. Provide a data server and web based portal for collaboration between MUAC and external partners (airlines)
4. Provide a data server and – if concept sufficiently mature – a web based portal supporting the XMAN concept.

Implementation Steps

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