Common Civ-Mil VCS

Led by LVNL (2019 - 2020)

This project implements a common Voice Communication System (VCS) for the provision of air navigation services in lower airspace in the Netherlands by the Civil and Military Air Traffic Control organisations, at the end of 2017, co-located at Schiphol.

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Amsterdam

Project description

A common VCS system eases the coordination between civil-military air traffic controllers and will contribute to civil-military cooperation and promotes integration of air navigation services. The common VCS add an extra system layer that provides a higher level of sustainability.
The main objectives of the project are to:
• provide a common VCS to the Civil and Military Air Traffic controllers located at Schiphol
• add an extra system layer, a back-up system for the main Voice Communication System (VCS), to increase sustainability
• have a VCS ready for Voice over IP (VoIP) technology and connect adjacent centers where possible
• support the development of Lelystad Airport, civil tower controllers will operate at Lelystad Airport, while Military controllers will perform the approach functionality.
The project is part of a Global Project, seeking close civil-military cooperation with the ultimate aim of one Dutch single sky and one Dutch air traffic control organisation. In 2010, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and Royal Netherlands Air Force Command signed a memorandum of understanding. Both the Ministry of Environment and Water Management and the Ministry of Defence support this ambition. Centre consolidation, more cooperation and, in the long term, integration of civil and military air traffic services in the Dutch airspace will contribute to an optimal use of airspace and will increase the performance and cost efficiency of Air Traffic Services.

Implementation Steps

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