EEE System

Led by DSNA (2015 - 2017)

ERATO (En-Route Air Traffic Organizer) Environnement Electronique (EEE) System

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Bordeaux, Brest

Project description

Conflict Detection Tool and electronic environment for En-route. The objective of the EEE programme is to remove the paper for the en-route control strip, and implement innovative MTCD functionalities. This program requires major changes in the current DSNA ATM system and Flight Data Processing System (CAUTRA), and the development of a method of work and the corresponding training.
It involves Brest ACC/UAC and Bordeaux ACC/UAC. From 2018, a progressive integration in the 4 FLIGHT system (see further) is foreseen, hence involving the three others French ACCs.
ERATO is an enabler for direct routing. It will allow time and consumption (fuel) saving for the airlines.
Increase in safety and capacity is also expected through advanced ATC tools.

Implementation Steps

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