ILS systems replacement and modernization

Led by DFS (2017 - 2028)

Cooperation initiative between DFS and LVNL.

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Bremen, Langen, Munich, Amsterdam

Project description

The main objective is to further harmonize technical specifications of air navigation systems within core Europe and to operate these systems more cost-efficiently. By increasing the number of systems to be purchased, discount rates from system manufacturers are being expected, which will result in lower annual depreciation cost after start of operation. Thus, DFS and LVNL joined for this common activity.
DFS will procure 24 ILS (including 1 training system and 1 test system) up to 2028, which will be installed and operated at various international airports in Germany.
LVNL will procure 11 ILS (including 1 test system), which will be installed and operated at various airports in the Netherlands.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Start of operation01/201812/2028DFS