Bodensee Arrival

Led by DFS (2018 - 2019)

Implementation of a cross border sector which is combining today's sectors Memmingen (DFS Munich) and ARFA (skyguide Zurich)

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Munich, Zurich

Project description

At the Munich control centre, DFS is operating an arrival sector to handle approaches to Memmingen Airport. The Zurich control centre operates the adjacent ARFA sector which is responsible for providing approach control for the airports of Friedrichshafen and Altenrhein.
A preliminary efficiency analysis has shown that the two sectors are only moderately busy. In November 2015, a simulation with controllers was conducted to find out whether it would be operationally possible and sensible to consolidate the two sectors.
The simulation results have shown that such a consolidation is possible and operationally sensible. The management levels of DFS and skyguide have decided to commission a feasibility study.
This feasibility study is to consider the following issues:
- Operational procedures
- Training and proficiency
- Technical requirements
- Staff scheduling and operator concept
- Cost/benefit analysis
- Issues concerning supervisory authorities (BAF/BAZL)
The first results were presented in April 2016.
The aim is to consolidate the two sectors to a "Bodensee Arrival Sector" and establish it in 2018 or 2019.
It is planned that Munich ACC and Zurich ACC will take turns in operating this new sector.
More detailed decisions will be taken by DFS and skyguide management in spring 2017.

Implementation Steps

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