Next generation and VoIP capable VCS

Led by DFS (2016 - 2018)

DFS initiative involving the centres of Karlsruhe, Munich, Bremen to deploy a new state-of-the-art Voice-over-IP capable Voice Communication System as a technical prerequisite in line with the Interoperability IR (EU No. 552/2004 incl. its amendment by EU No. 1070/2009) for the implementation of dynamic airspace configurations as well as implementing EUROCAE Standard ED-137.

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Bremen, Karlsruhe, Munich

Project description

It will equally enable the introduction of advanced operational concepts of the PCP (EU No. 716/2014) for flexible airspace management and dynamic airspace management to enable a higher cost effectives of the air navigation service provision for airspace users and to increase operational performance. The deployment project will contribute (enabler project) to closing the Gap for Family 3.1.4 identified by the SESAR Deployment Manager within the Deployment Programme 2015 and is planned for implementation under the framework of the SESAR Deployment Manager.
The dedicated deployment objectives of the technical prerequisites are:
- Deployment of Primary Voice-Communication System (VCS) for ACC Bremen
- Deployment of a last-resort VCS for ACC Munich and renewing of related radio sites
- Deployment of a last-resort VCS for ACC Bremen and renewing of related radio sites
- Deployment of a last-resort VCS for UAC Karlsruhe and renewing of related radio sites

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
Bremen Main VCS10/2017DFS
Bremen last resort VCS03/2017DFS
Munich last resort VCS12/2016DFS
Karlsruhe last resort VCS03/2018DFS