RNAV1 and RNP APCH approaches Amsterdam Schiphol

Led by LVNL (2015 - 2021)

First phase of RNAV1 and RNP-APCH approaches Amsterdam Schiphol

Sites involved

ACC/UAC : Amsterdam

Project description

Implementation of RNAV arrival routes from ARTIP IAF to Schiphol runways 36R and 18C, and RNP APCH procedures to 10 runway ends at Schiphol.
The RNAV arrival route from ARTIP IAF to Schiphol runway 36R has been implemented and is in use in the low season. RNAV arrival from ARTIP IAF to Schiphol runway 18C is on hold.
RNP APCH to Schiphol runway 22 is currently being implemented. A following project has been started to implement next three runways which will render the existing NDB approach procedures obsolete. The final RNP APCH project is in the planning stages. This will also realize instrument approaches to runway ends that are seldom used and are not currently equipped with (near) precision approach procedures.
A review is being done to investigate how the air traffic management system should improve after the year 2020 in order to allow growth at Schiphol beyond 500,000 movements. Dependent on the results of the review, new projects might arise or older projects might be reopened. This decision will be made in Q1-Q2 2018.

Implementation Steps

StartEndLed by
RBAV arrival routes from ARTIP IAF to Schiphol rwy 36RImplementedLVNL
RNAV arrival routes from ARTIP IAF to Schiphol rwy 18CtbdLVNL
Implementation RNP APCH rwy 2201/201506/2018LVNL
Implementation RNP APCH rwy 06, 18C, 36R01/201812/2019LVNL
Implementation RNP APCH rwy 04, 09, 18R, 24, 27, 36C01/202009/2022LVNL