Sustainability required

The aspect of cost-efficiency within FABEC is due to the strong differences in the governance, ownership, national legal obligations and accounting systems of the ANSPs handled on national level. Despite this aspect, FABEC States and ANSPs introduced several cost-efficiency measure that lead both to a sustainable decrease of cost and to a sustainable reduction of the determined unit cost.

Despite all the cost savings, FABEC ANSPs are keeping their focus on technological advances to secure the future. The FABEC ANSPs have planned investments about EUR 2.9 billion overall for the second reference period. This is an average of EUR 580 million per year. These investments are necessary to further modernise the technical infrastructure and therefore preserve Europe’s leading position in aviation.

From a macro-economic view it has to be noted that the cost for air traffic management in Europe has been reduced over the last years. Based on a study provided by the European Commission Europe’s total cost are 17 percent below the one in the US.