Safety is the core of our business, in fact, it is our mission. Day by day and round the clock, our employees ensure the safety of flights for 1.4 million passengers flying in 16,000 flights in FABEC airspace every day – from Brittany to Switzerland, from Corsica to the North Sea. Our safety record in 2016 was excellent. Expressed in figures, FABEC ANSPs can report that there was zero direct involvement of any FABEC ANSPs in any civil aircraft fatalities. In addition, the number of runway incursions and separation minima infringements remained low. Even so, we know that safety is not a given. To stay safe both in the air and on the ground, a continuous cycle of excellence is required. That is why we continuously invest in the proficiency of our staff, in advanced technologies and in state-of-the-art safety management systems and standards.

Beside the provision of safety in daily operations, FABEC has agreed on targets for safety indicators for the second reference period and aims to improve the safety management system. Targets to be reached by 2019 have been set that take into account Effectiveness of Safety Management, Just Culture and the use of the Risk Analysis Tool methodology. In addition, new safety performance indicators have been introduced, such as the use of automated reporting tools. Consistency between safety indicators with targets and indicators without targets has been established. By the end of 2016, all safety targets embedded in the FABEC performance plan were achieved or were on track.

« Safety is the core of our business, in fact, it is our mission. »