High scores in all areas of safety management

The increase in flights during 2018 was handled with an extremely high level of safety, with no reported ATM- attributed accidents. Strong traffic growth was accompanied by even higher safety performance as FABEC achieved positive results across all ATM-safety targets. These targets are made up of multiple safety management objectives which are designed to foster proactive behaviour across the industry with the aim of encouraging preventative – rather than responsive – activity in all areas.

There was a decline in the number of runway incursions attributed to ATM causes in 2018, which fell to a five-year low and accounted for less than 20% of incidents reported. This was achieved despite the growth in traffic and increase in total number of incidents. Separation infringements also withstood the increase in movements, rising only marginally above levels recorded in the past five years.

Widespread adoption of ‘Just Culture’ plays an important part in maintaining FABEC safety performance. An environment which encourages reporting of situations which could develop into an incident leads to remedial action, and by sharing experiences others doing the same job can also benefit. Just Culture creates a reporting environment where safety data can be collected without fear of recrimination and protects those reporting data. This leads to further reporting, even for minor incidents in a continual learning process.

« Safety is the core of our business, in fact, it is our mission. »