Social Dialogue

Social dialogue in FABEC

Social Dialogue in FABEC acts within the European requirements for social dialogue. It is formalised through terms of reference for social.
FABEC social dialogue aims to inform about, and discuss, the potential social impacts of FABEC activities. 
In order to achieve this, Social Dialogue in FABEC is structured in 3 layers: 

  • The first and most formal layer is the Social Dialogue Committee, a meeting comprised of the FABEC ANSP CEOs and the staff representatives from the various unions in each ANSP. The first layer gives the framework and is, ultimately, the decision-making body.
  • The second layer is more informal. It takes the form of meetings (or workshops) around a specific theme. The request for second layer workshops may come from either the ANSPs or the staff representatives. The meetings comprise experts from both sides and are conducted in a manner to ensure cooperative discussion and mutual understanding of the various positions.
  • The third layer takes the form of bilateral meetings between the social dialogue manager and specific staff representatives on specific FABEC topics.

Additionally, there are yearly meetings between the FABEC States, the ANSPs and the staff representatives. These discuss FABEC matters that are transversal or pertain specifically to the States. 

Point of contact

Social Dialogue Manager
Catherine Bichara
+41 79 342 51 48

Dates in 2019

  • 07 Feb 2019:
    HR-T SC, Brussels
  • 14 Feb 2019:
    Social Dialogue Committee (1st layer), Amsterdam
  • 11 Apr 2019:
    second layer social dialogue NM, FIN and PERF, DFS
  • 08 May 2019:
    second layer social dialogue on SESAR PJs (high productivity ATCO team, non-geographic ATCO, remote towers), DFS
  • 5-6 Jun 2019:
    Promotion Social Dialogue Toolbox (EU project), Gent
  • 24 Sep 2019:
    second layer social dialogue SESAR, Geneva or Brussels
  • 25 Sep 2019:
    second layer social dialogue SAF, Geneva
  • 15 Oct 2019
    second layer social dialogue OPS, TBC
  • 20 Nov 2019
    Tripartite second layer social dialogue, Luxembourg