Clear focus on four strategic pillars

FABEC partners have jointly taken on the responsibility of improving the total performance in FABEC and thus the performance of the European air transport network. To reach these objectives, FABEC's strategy is focused on four main pillars: safety, operations, SESAR (new technologies) and performance. Our commitment to these goals has been expressed in tangible terms in our common FABEC Performance Plan. Projects and activities on all levels have been launched to reach our ambitious objectives to ensure safety, punctuality, flight efficiency and military mission effectiveness in a cost-effective manner. 

To accomplish our desired aims, we need optimal cooperation between all partners. Each activity — be it local, regional or FABEC-wide — influences the overall air transport network. Not until all components work together like clockwork can optimum utilisation of this sensitive network take place.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our air traffic controllers guide aircraft safely, punctually and in as environmentally friendly manner as possible within FABEC airspace. We work together to keep the skies safe.

FABEC airspace: Flights of one day
FABEC airspace: Flights of one day