Managing a network

FABEC airspace is one of the busiest and most complex in the world. Air traffic controllers from across FABEC guide approximately 16,500 flights in their airspace every day, resulting in about six million every year. They ensure the safe and punctual handling of air traffic flying within Europe as well as those flying out to destinations around the world. To accomplish this, operations have to be understood as a network requiring optimal cooperation between all partners. Each activity — be it local, regional or FABEC-wide — influences the overall performance to the benefit of airspace users and – in consequence – all European citizens. 

Based on the mutual understanding that airspace is a common asset, FABEC operations incorporate both civil and military operations. Our military partners are involved in-depth and on all levels to ensure that military mission effectiveness is ensured.

Just as FABEC airspace is embedded in the centre of Europe, we are also a major contributor to the overall performance of the European aviation network. To ensure its efficiency, we have set up a strong collaboration with the Network Manager and our neighbouring functional airspace blocks.

World ATM Congress 2018
FABEC, NATS, Network Manager: Cross-border Initiative to prepare for Summer Traffic 2018
FABEC OPS Theatre, 7 March 2018, Madrid

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FABEC Operations Plan

FABEC’s operational priorities are improving punctuality and cost-efficiency, reducing environmental impact for all airspace users and increasing the mission effectiveness of its military customers. This can only be achieved by innovation. This interactive map gives an overview of on-going or planned projects contributing to the FABEC performances targets. It lists local or multilateral projects of the FABEC partners deemed relevant to the FABEC achievement. It is based on the FABEC operations plan which is constantly evolving to match the needs of airspace users.

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