From the passengers’ point of view, punctuality is the first priority besides safety. To transport passengers to their destinations safely and on time, all processes on the ground and in the air have to run smoothly and without delay. Roughly speaking, four out of five flights in Europe are on time. The Central Office for Delay Analysis (CODA) of Eurocontrol has calculated that the percentage of on-time flights in Europe was 81 percent in 2016. The definition of punctual in this case is that these flights arrived at the gate of their destination airport earlier, exactly on time or no more than 15 minutes later than scheduled. In the CODA statistics for 2016, pilots named their own airline as the number one cause of delay, that is, in 47 percent of cases. Air traffic control was named as the cause for 26 percent of delay, the airport for 19 percent, and the weather for nine percent.

Because each flight is influenced by a myriad of activities carried out by various parties, several additional indicators have been developed to improve the system as such. With regard to air traffic control, the European Commission has defined a major measurement parameter, namely air traffic flow management delay (ATFM delay) to measure the portion of the process affected by air traffic control. ATFM delay measures the effect of air traffic flow management measures on flights in the en-route and approach phases. It takes into account any postponed departure times, effects from overloaded airspace, or influences of inclement weather at the destination airport. However, this indicator provides no information as to whether the flight will land on time. 

In 2016, 94.1 percent of all flights in FABEC airspace experienced no ATFM en-route delays. 97.5 percent were within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. Nevertheless, the average delay due to ATFM measures en-route increased from 42 seconds to 64 seconds per flight. 

FABEC ANSP Performance 2016

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