Safe, efficient and progressive aviation

Airspace is a limited resource shared between civil and military users, hence States and air navigation services providers play an important role in maintaining safe operations and balancing the interests of both parties. Because air traffic volume is high and airspace structure complex in the core of FABEC, safety is assured using flexible and innovative tools along with operational procedures that enable airspace users to use the available airspace as efficiently as possible. Even so, safety remains our number one priority.

Aviation is an important means of public transportation, providing mobility for people and goods, and supporting economic and national interests. The critical airspace infrastructure serves social, economic and political interests while the military component safeguards States’ security and democratic values. Airspace management also respects societal needs by helping to reduce aviation’s environmental footprint. 

FABEC provides the infrastructure that enables airspace users to fly. Rather like road traffic, FABEC provides the streets, the traffic signs and the rules that enable aircraft to travel safely in the sky.