• we work together to keep the skies safe
  • we work together to keep the skies safe
  • we work together to keep the skies safe

FABEC - we work together to keep the skies safe

Since June 2013, the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central, known as FABEC is officially in operation. It comprises the airspace of the six FABEC States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland and is one of the busiest in the world. FABEC handles about six million flights per year - 55% of European air traffic.

World ATM Congress 2020/21

Latest Media Releases

  • 04/Mar/2020New Environment Standing Committee prioritises sustainable airspace management
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  • 13/Feb/2020World ATM Congress 2020: FABEC OPS Theatre hosts operations experts from around the world
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  • 20/Jan/2020FABEC puts in place a common safety structure
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  • 17/Jan/2020FABEC renews commitment to joint initiatives under new chairman
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  • 16/Jan/2020FABEC Council commences new work programme
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  • 13/Jan/2020Improved operations 2019: Three-way cooperation remains key to success
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Research Workshop

Research Workshop: Interdependencies within ATM Performance in the context of a dynamic environment
in Rome/Italy

BLUE MED FAB and FABEC are happy to invite you to the research workshop on Interdependencies within ATM Performance in the context of a dynamic environment which will be hosted in Rome in autumn 2020. The specific date will be published as soon as the event that was due to happen in May has been re-arranged. The conference is organised in partnership with the German Aviation Research Society (G.A.R.S.) and the University of Bologna.

Video: Two different single skies?


FABEC Expert Workshop

4th FABEC Expert Workshop: Implementation of Free Route Airspace (FRA)
12 February 2020, IBIS Paris CDG Airport

On 12 February 2020, FABEC organises the 4th Expert Workshop which will focus mainly on the operational topics relating to the implementation of Free Route Airspace (FRA) within FABEC.
The aim of the workshop is to present the upcoming huge change within the European airspace (deletion of the route network above FL195, impact on most flightplans in Europe, complete review of the RAD,...) and to discuss the solutions we can put in place together with NM, CFSPs and airlines.


Upcoming Events

  • 28/May/2020FB4C43
  • 02/Jun/2020NDOP 26
    ECTL, Brussels
  • 09/Jun/2020PMG/79
  • 16/Jun/2020NMB 28
    ECTL, Brussels
  • 17/Jun/2020Signing Ceremony FABCE-FABEC ANSP Declaration
    Virtual Event
  • 17/Jun/2020Inter-FAB Performance Workshop
    Virtual Event
  • 23/Jun/2020SC OPS/68 + AOG
  • 30/Jun/2020FC19 / ANSCB19
    The Netherlands
  • 03/Sep/2020PMG/80
  • 08/Sep/20207th InterFAB Communication Meeting
    DSNA, Paris
  • 13/Sep/2020FABEC @ ATCA Annual Conference & Exposition
    Washington, D.C.
  • 15/Sep/2020SC OPS/69 + AC + NM
  • 22/Sep/2020RNDSG 101
    ECTL, Brussels
  • 23/Sep/2020Social dialogue 2nd layer SAF workshop
    Duebendorf (Zurich)
  • 30/Sep/2020Social dialogue 2nd layer OPS, SAF, FIN-PERF workshop
  • 02/Oct/2020Inter FAB Coordination Meeting
  • 08/Oct/2020Airspace Users 2020
  • 12/Oct/2020Social Dialogue Tripartite
    Amsterdam Schiphol
  • 14/Oct/2020NETOPS/28
    ECTL, Brussels
  • 15/Oct/2020FB4C44
  • 20/Oct/2020FABEC@ETF
  • 02/Nov/2020AIM workshop: Digitalisation – challenging and enabling future AIM
  • 10/Nov/2020ANSP Strategic Board 87
    DFS, Langen
  • 10/Nov/2020NDOP 27
    ECTL, Brussels
  • 17/Nov/2020Public Recruiting Workshop
    DFS, Langen
  • 18/Nov/2020NMB 29
    ECTL, Brussels
  • 26/Nov/2020PMG/81
  • 30/Nov/20204th FABEC OPS DAY
    DFS, Munich
  • 02/Dec/2020FABEC@ATCEUC
  • 08/Dec/2020FC20 / ANSCB20
  • 08/Dec/2020ANSP Strategic Board 88
    DFS, Langen
  • 09/Dec/2020SC OPS/70

FABEC Training Seminar

On 29-30 October 2019, FAB Europe Central organised the fourth FABEC Training Seminar at the DFS Academy in Langen, Germany. The agenda focused on ATM Training for the digital generation and covered the recruitment of digital generation trainees, the introduction of and experience with e-learning practices by trainees and instructors.
All the presentations held at the seminar may be downloaded here:


  • 10/Feb/2020FABEC Bulletin #38 (February 2020)
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  • 20/Jan/2020FABEC Bulletin #37 (December 2019)
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  • 31/Oct/2019FABEC Bulletin #36 (October 2019)
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  • 02/May/2019FABEC Bulletin #35 (May 2019)
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  • 26/Sep/2018FABEC Bulletin #34 (September 2018)
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Research Workshop

Fragmentation in Air Traffic and its Impact on ATM Performance

On 14-15 May 2019, FAB Central Europe and FAB Europe Central organised a research workshop on Fragmentation in Air Traffic Management taking place in Budapest, Hungary. The conference was held in partnership with the FSR Florence School of Regulation and the German Aviation Research Society (GARS).

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Baltic FAB and FABEC organised a research workshop "Volatility in Air Traffic and its impact on ATM performance" taking place on 15-16 May 2018 in Warsaw. The conference has being held in partnership with the German Aviation Research society (G.A.R.S.) and the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

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