Train the best capabilities

FABEC ANSPs launched recruitment drives in 2021 to recruit over 300 air traffic control trainees to be ready to handle growing traffic demand, predicted by IATA to exceed 2019 movements in Europe as soon as 2024. Members also hold a bi-annual training workshop that addresses changing market needs and opportunities. Sharing learning material and course content plays an important role in developing modern training tools. 

FABEC has embraced new digital training tools, e-learning and web-based simulation to remain in step with the cultural changes taking place in a digital age.

National training for ATCOs and ATSEP personnel is provided in accordance with the needs of each State, in addition to common training at FABEC level to improve specific understanding of wider airspace management. This addresses cross-border and network related issues, long range direct routes and advanced flexible use of airspace and supports close cooperation amongst FABEC members. Since 2019, four training academies in Germany, France, Netherlands and Switzerland provide uniform training for ATCO Basic Training, contributing to harmonised services in the European core area.