Vertical perspective 

At first glance, flying is straightforward. First there is a climb phase after the take-off, second the aircraft is cruising on the route and flight level chosen, and third it descends to the destination airport. But these procedures become more complex in busy airspace. Vertical flight paths may cross horizontal ones and vice versa; aircraft need to be sequenced before landing adding complexity to arrival and departure routes; and runway capacity may limit access to the airport at any one moment in time. 

FABEC air navigation service providers are developing procedures and technologies to streamline these processes, including offering smart vertical flight paths to reduce the environmental impact of an individual aircraft in terms of fuel burn as much as possible. 


FABEC has set up a set of workshops, meetings and seminars to ensure that a good understanding of needs and requirements, but also limitations, can be achieved – both those of airspace users and of air navigation service providers. The main focus of these initiatives is on operational issues. A two-level approach has been established.

  • Regular workshops and exchanges with the NM Airline Operations Group
  • Topic-based workshops

FABEC organized a third workshop on Vertical Flight Efficiency (VFE) on the 7th of December 2022 in Nice. More than 30 experts from FABEC ANSPs and industry stakeholders (mainly aircraft operators) gathered at Nice Airport to discuss VFE, exchange views and explore actions recently taken to improve VFE. Almost all presentations focussed on TMA related solutions and were prepared as a duo which showed the willingness to enhance the existing cooperation between ANSPs, airlines and industry.
Please find below the invitation, agenda, all presentations and a final report on FABEC’s VFE Workshop 3.

On 7 December 2021 FABEC organised its second workshop on Vertical Flight Efficiency (VFE). Presentations and discussions during this online workshop showed that ANSPs and Airlines have been working hard on the topic and that a lot has been done to improve VFE. Good progress but cooperation between all stakeholders involved is still needed: Airlines, CFSPs, civil and military ANSPs, States … should all continue to work together.

Please find below all presentations of VFE Workshop 2 on operational trials, environmental performance & monitoring and initiatives taken by several airline operators.

On 10 December 2020 FABEC organised an expert workshop on Vertical Flight Efficiency (VFE). More than 100 participants, especially representatives of AOs, CFSPs and NM, attended the virtual meeting.

The objective of this meeting was to exchange views on how to improve VFE in the FABEC area and to discuss together with airlines and flight plan service providers what could be envisaged in the future. Please find below the invitation, the agenda and all presentations.

16 November 2020 NM met with the CFSPG (Computer Flight plan Service Providers Group). FABEC took the opportunity to inform them on the progress made and the planning of the FRA implementation within FABEC. During this two hours slot presentations were made by DFS, skyguide and DSNA. Please find below all presentations. It includes also a presentation on the general roadmap and the FABEC FRA implementation schedule.

On Wednesday 12 February 2020 FABEC organised an expert workshop on FRA. More than 40 participants, especially representatives of AOs, CFSPs and NM, attended the meeting held in Paris, CDG Airport. The workshop focussed in particular on the FRA implementation in France, Switzerland and Germany. Issues such as boundary points, management of flight plan level changes, FUA efficiency, and RAD were discussed in a lively manner. NM and the CM CFSPG contributed with their point of view. Please find below all presentations: