Best for the environment

The environmental contribution of FABEC ANSPs is measured in terms of horizontal flight efficiency to indicate when aircraft fly the most direct route between the terminal areas. During 2020 horizontal flight efficiency exceeded 97% for the first time since 2015, surpassing the 96.75% target set in the performance plan and approached the optimum possible. In fact, FABEC air navigation service providers improved on routes set by EUROCONTROL Network Manager and on the routes planned by airspace users which registered only 94.03% horizontal efficiency.

It is noteworthy that the traffic drop due to the pandemic had only a marginal impact on the horizontal flight efficiency – meaning that for years FABEC air navigation service providers have already ensured excellent scores for providing environmentally sustainable flight paths. 

Neither vertical flight efficiency, emissions (CO2, NOx, SOD etc.), or the interdependencies between these factors are part of the European performance regulation for air navigation service provision.