Workshop3rd FABEC Vertical Flight Efficiency (VFE) Expert Workshop7 December 2022 / Nice Airport

Registration is open for the 3rd Vertical Flight Efficiency (VFE) Expert Workshop to be held on the 7th December, 2022 at Nice Airport. The event focusses on the development of concrete plans for more efficient flight operations. We look forward to announcing our detailed agenda of speakers and to seeing you in Nice! 

Agenda - coming soon

Research WorkshopSingle European Sky and Resilience in ATM15-16 September 2022

DANUBE FAB and FABEC hosted a research workshop entitled “Single European Sky and Resilience in ATM” on 15-16 September 2022 in Sofia/Bulgaria. Take a look at all the presentations being held there:


Fast factsCauses of CODA delay

CODA delay comes down to a measurement of how punctual a flight is. On time arrival = happy customers! But it's not always so clear cut as to what causes a flight to not be on time. The statistics shown are quite interesting and to help clarify this topic. Many factors are involved and many organisations will work together to improve. 

More about CODA delay
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VIRTUAL WORKSHOPOperationalising Contrail Avoidance

On 7 September Niels Lokman, COO MUAC, will be part of a workshop organised by NASA Langley Research Center and the Center for Air Transportation Systems Research at George Mason University (GMU). Among speakers from FAA, Boeing Jeppesen and NASA he will give an insight into MUAC’s “Operational Experience with Contrail Avoidance”. It’s not too late to register!

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June IFR traffic movements increase 100%

The infographic shares a comparison of June IFR traffic movements 2022 vs. last year. An increase of 100%! Passengers are ready to travel and these results support this.

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Our Data Cockpit gives you easy access to many different types of data from the ATC world. Year-to-date and monthly views of movement figures, delay performance and flight efficiency are frequently updated and allow you to compare developments and evaluate traffic, delay and environmental patterns. We will continue to expand the topics included over time.

Data Cockpit


Innovation is key for a dynamic industry such as aviation.

Thus, the interactive map gives an overview of ongoing or planned projects contributing to the FABEC performances targets. It lists local or multilateral projects of the FABEC partners deemed relevant to the FABEC achievement.

Interactive map


Research WorkshopClimate Change Documentation of Research Workshop in Vilnius available

In October about hundred experts from all over Europe gathered in Vilnius to provide their insights on this very important, but also extremely complex issue of climate change in aviation. Having in mind the outstanding contributions and discussion a documentation has been compiled aiming to share the results of the workshop.

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  • Punctuality

    On time arrival means efficiency and customer satisfaction

    Timely, reliable flight schedules ensure passengers reach their destinations on time, build customer confidence and allow the industry to make optimum use of available capacity.

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  • Resilience

    Building a robust framework

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine showed that European ATM the importance to maintain critical infrastructure. Further insights are expected from a research workshop in Sofia exploring the subject.

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  • EU - US Benchmark

    Accepting diversity

    For decades, attempts have been made to compare American and European air traffic control - without success, as the two organisations are too different. It's like apples and pears - both taste good but are different.

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  • 16 SEP 2022Turbulent times – academics and experts seek solutions for more resilient air traffic management
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  • 23 AUG 2022FABEC participates in NASA contrail avoidance workshop
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  • 05 AUG 2022FABEC reports uneven traffic growth since the start of 2022 accompanied by new military airspace needs
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  • 09 JUN 2022FABEC learning seminar puts emphasis on digital skills and competency training
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  • 04 OCT 2022XMAN PMT#58 & Dev. Group#18 meeting
  • 05 OCT 2022NETOPS #34 (Network Operations Team)
  • 06 OCT 20225th FABEC OPS DAY
  • 14 OCT 2022SC TECH SYS
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The airspace of the six FABEC States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland is one of the busiest and most complex in the world.

The majority of major European airports, major civil airways and military training areas are located in this area. FABEC airspace covers 1.7 million km and handles about 5.8 million flights per year - 55% of European air traffic.