Cooperation with other FABs

FABEC is a regional platform and catalyst for operational improvement but, of course, FABEC is only one part of the European network. Hence, FABEC closely cooperates with other FABs. These associations are driven by many factors including the traffic load, mix and flows within each FAB. Some FABs, such as the Nordic FAB, share a border with FABEC while others, such as DANUBE, do not. The extent of cooperation is driven by common interests and common needs.

Cooperation has developed on many levels since FABs were first formed in 2010. For example, European States set-up the InterFAB platform to support the development of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative. In recent years InterFAB has provided input into important topics such as the impact of climate change, the accuracy of traffic forecasts, the comparison and benchmarking of US and the European air navigation service providers and interdependencies between performance indicators.