Optimised performance

The objective of FABEC is to optimise performance in the areas of safety, environmental sustainability, capacity, cost-efficiency and military mission effectiveness. Due to its multi-national and civil-military organization, FABEC creates a strong working platform to improve the design of airspace and its usage. The objectives of the Single European Sky as well as the overarching EU climate action and European Green Deal guide us in focusing on the needs of the aviation infrastructure on the one hand, and on passengers, citizens, the connectivity of the European market and the security needs of European States on the other.

Air traffic control is a vital part of a safe and efficient European air transport system. FABEC is focused on ensuring passengers and cargo arrive safely and on-time for an industry that accounts for 4.4% of European GDP. 

The European ANS performance scheme monitors four key indicators: Safety, capacity, environment and cost-efficiency. Heightened focus on reducing aviation’s environmental footprint is encouraging a fresh look at the key performance measures that have remained unchanged since the launch of the scheme a decade ago. The heavy reliance on qualitative targets risks losing sight of qualitative social and political objectives, while trade-offs between different performance areas favour some targets over others. Gathering more detailed metrics is contributing to more meaningful performance regulation for the next reference period.

Performance Report 2021