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Re-thinking aviation

Commercial aviation provides a complex service with numerous components. Many steps – from the booking of tickets to the safe and punctual arrival at one's destination – have to be precisely coordinated. Air traffic control is a crucial part of the whole process. In the FABEC airspace, this service is provided by seven civil air navigation service providers and their military counterparts. 17,000 people are ensuring that air traffic is handled safely and smoothly every single day and night.

But we acknowledge the world around us is changing – and we have to evolve. Keywords are Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions. Aviation has to admit that it is not sufficient to stick to the old-fashioned paradigms and traditions, but time for innovation and new ideas. Hence, InterFAB and FABEC have launched several initiatives to discuss, to create and to foster the change needed to maintain the success story of the Single European Sky. 

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