Shared responsibility – Recent studies 

Aviation has a shared responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of its business. Five associations representing airspace users, airports and air navigation service providers agreed a common sustainability initiative in February 2021 called Destination 2050 – A Route to Net Zero European Aviation. Driven by the Paris Agreement, the European Green Deal and importantly, independent analysis, Destination 2050 provides a good understanding of impact chains and sets out an ambitious plan for all flights within and departing the EU realising net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Targets include phasing out traditional fuels to reduce emissions by a third; and improving airspace management and aircraft operations to cut emissions by six percent. This can only be achieved if all partners are working together. A practical example is the usage of so-called continuous descent operations – a landing procedure that allows aircraft “to glide” without intermediate level-offs towards the runway – an excellent procedure that depends upon confirmation from both the pilot and the air traffic controller.