InterFAB Expert Talks
ATM performance data - can we do better?

It's not just the tech sector that relies on understanding vast amounts of detailed, dynamic data. Air traffic management (ATM) operations and the performance scheme which underlies the European ATM system also rely on the gathering and analysis of huge amounts of data. The only problem is that this data is often hard to understand, not always complete and difficult to use for communication purposes.

Therefore, InterFAB is hosting a series of Expert Talks to provide a platform where experiences can be shared and views exchanged on the key issues which relate to data and performance in ATM.

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Join our 6th InterFAB Expert Talk on Wednesday, 8 September: "Backcasting", 1430-1530 hrs CEST.

Thomas Standfuß
Research Associate
Dr. Ibon Galarraga
Research professor at BC3 and Director of Metroeconomica

STATFOR forecasts are the foundation of ANSP's planning processes - hence, reliability of data is the key objective. However, recent studies have shown that its prognostic quality drops after two years. The consequential under- and overestimations have a tremendous impact in terms of staff needed and flight delay, causing additional costs for the European ATM system.
Acknowledging that forecasts always have limitations, delay and its environmental implications might be seen as one of the most important consequences of prediction biases. The presenters will provide an insight in a backcasting analysis, aiming to learn from the experience to-date. They will answer questions such as: How did the actual traffic develop compared to the prediction? To what extent do forecasting errors influence the service quality delivered in terms of delay? What are the subsequent additional costs for the ATM system caused by the deviation between predicted and actual traffic?

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